+Plus ONE Savings Plan

A Simple Savings Strategy anyone can use to Create Wealth.

Many people put off investing because they think you need a lot of money—thousands of
kinas!— to start investing. This just isn’t true. You can start investing for as little as K0.10 (ten toea). Yes, K0.10, you heard it right.

The key to building wealth is developing good habits—like regularly putting money as little as K0.10 away every day. If you make investing a habit now, you’ll be in a much stronger financial position down the road.

All it requires from your part is, planning, set target, commitment and discipline. That’s all you need, to go down the journey to financial freedom. You don’t have to be a working class professional to save money or invest for the future.

Like they say, the best place to invest in, is investing in you. No bank accounts, no long queue in the bank, no bank fees, no unnecessary tax payments to eat up your savings, all you will need is just a penny box, or even a food container to start dropping your penny to start saving.

Don’t believe me? Here you can find the strategy to start investing with very little money:


ONE day I tumbled into this information, the 100 days savings plan. It was introduced to me by a friend of mine. This friend never went to college nor does he have a decent job, but he somehow lives a happy and simple life. He does peer to peer lending and that’s a bonus.

This strategy I’m about to share, is from this friend’s experience on how he makes his living. It’s simple and straight forward.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and find out.

Saving money and investing it are closely connected. In order to invest money, you first have to save some up. That will take a lot less time than you think, and you can do it in very small steps.

If you’ve never been a saver, you can start by putting away just K0.10 a day. That may not seem like a lot, but over the course of 100days, you will be surprised as to how much you have saved.

Start with small amounts of money, and then increase as you get more comfortable with the process.

For instance, let’s say, we start savings with K1.00 on day one, and K100 on the 100th day.
If we were to start with K1, this is how it will be. Since its 100 days, a day is equivalent to the amount we drop in the penny box or save for that matter.

On day 1, we save K1,
On day 2, we save K2, giving as a total of K3,
On day three, we save K3, giving us a total of K6 and so on until we reach day number 100, we save K100, giving us a total of K5, 050. Boom! You made yourself a lot of money. No tax, no bank fees, no bank queues, but just your penny box and your disciplined action with commitment to invest in yourself.

Let’s us put this into a table to see how it works;

Chart showing how the +Plus ONE Savings Plan looks like in 100days

You can start off with any small amount. For school kids, you can start off with K0.10 or K0.20. With K0.10, you will make, K505, and with K0.20t you will make K1, 010.00. Not bad, aye!
So there you go, the simplest form of savings strategy, anyone can use to create wealth.
So many people, work their ass out for so many years only to save up to as little as K10, 000.00 at least with the superannuation and find that the money is not enough for them to buy a PMV bus or enjoy their money for the remainder of their life.

If you master the above chart displayed, trust me, two or three years down the line, you will be living a happy life, spending more time with your loved ones and enjoy doing what you have desired in life.

I call this savings plan, the Grassroots Money Making Strategy because it doesn’t require any prior investment or savings experience. Anyone who has the ability and the right mindset to create his own wealth and happiness can harness this strategy to a life of fulfillment and fun.

I am encouraging you, Table Mama and Table Papa, this strategy is for you. And you school children that lunch money your parents give you every day, you can start off with that. Put away K0.10 and start building and saving some money to buy yourself a gift you always desired for your parents to buy for you in Christmas, or better still raise your own money using this strategy to pay for your school fees or text books.

We have 365 days a year; you can borrow only 100 days to raise some capital using this strategy. You will never go wrong, TRUST ME.

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